Sustainability & Environment

At StadiaCare we are committed to playing our part in addressing the global climate crisis. We recognise the urgent need to reduce our carbon emissions and transition towards a more sustainable future.

Our mission is to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions before 2035, aligning with the UK’s ambitious climate goals. To reach this goal, we will implement a comprehensive strategy that includes reducing our carbon footprint, increasing energy efficiency, transitioning to renewable energy sources, and offsetting any remaining emissions through verified carbon offset projects.

We regularly monitor and report our progress to ensure transparency and accountability in our journey toward net-zero emissions, which includes the fact that 60% of company fleet are EV’s and the other 40% hybrid, with the goal to have an all-electric fleet by 2028.

We are dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility, and we believe that our actions today will help create a more resilient and cleaner world for future generations.